Monday, January 7, 2008

Obama in New Hampshire

It's hard to stay timely, with the New Hampshire vote coming up so quickly and much to review. But I'm making an effort to vet and share with you what strikes me as noteworthy.

The train in New Hampshire is moving at breakneck speed. Here are my snapshots. First, here's a video from the of Michelle Obama talking about Barack and herself:

Also from the is this video of a New Hampshire woman talking about her decision to support Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton:

[insert new hamshire resident speaks her mind video] click here for video in new window

Interestingly, it seems even Republican candidate Mitt Romney's ads are helping Obama. The Washington Post reports:

Voters may object to attack ads, but they tend to remember the messages. Melissa Hanson, a stay-at-home mom, says that "I shut down" when negative spots come on. But she mentioned an ad in which Romney says Clinton has never run a state, city or corner store.

"Even though Romney's ad against Hillary was negative, he probably did make a few points," Hanson says. "I thought, 'You're right. What has she really run?' "

The Post is now calling Hillary Clinton the "underdog" and reports that Obama is "spreading consternation and bewilderment through the ranks of Clinton supporters here struggling to make sense of what is unfolding before them."

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